Starting Over

Starting over a new life.

Actually, this year I start a new phase of life. To be precise- in less than three weeks, I am going to embark on a most awaited phase of my life- motherhood. Yes, the pitter patter of little feet is just a few short days away.

I know, I know. I am not the first mother on the planet and this baby certainly will not be the last. (Pun fully intended). But it is the beginning to many new things.

Of a brand new Valentine for the Other Half, that I will not take offense to. [I am a most possessive wife! πŸ™‚ ]

Of strict schedules (mostly nocturnal, as I have been firmly told), which cannot be negotiated or compromised or altered.

Certainly it will mark the onset of many terrified clueless moments that slowly morph into days and weeks.

I know that my life will now be full of unbelievable joy as well plenty of finger crossing. I am in fact, struggling to write this post with crossed fingers. Just shows what a superstitious Mom I am going to be.

For a bossy, dominating girl like me, who always tries to get her way, the hardest part will be to be dictated by the soon-to-arrive little person. Sigh! How the mighty are fallen!

I realize that in the near future, my days will be full of prayers that I can do things right.

One major change will be that I will be the one receiving advice going forth. As someone, who freely dispensed advice to all and sundry, this definitely qualifies as starting over.

Impending motherhood is worrisome. Because I know being a Mommy is not easy. After all, I was a most difficult child. Truth be told, I still am. Besides, I not only don’t know what kind of a mother I will be but also am confused as to what type of mother I want to be. Bossy, chilled out, overprotective, friendly? My run of being clueless has already begun and our tiny bundle of joy is not even here yet.

The one thing I do know is – I’ll love unconditionally and try really hard to be the best I can. I take solace in this cute quote I found.

There’s no way to be a PERFECT mother, but a million ways to be a good one! – Jill Churchill

Hmm… This post was meant to be in keeping with the tag line I of this blog. The least I wanted to churn out was a post that was slightly funny. But no, it’s sentimental bordering on cloyingly saccharine. Like babies, even blog posts are unpredictable. You never know how they will turn out. You can only give your best shot and pray.

Anyway, here’s ending with a big hug and thanks to all Mommies. πŸ™‚ Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do.


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