DNA Analysis

BabyT turns eight months old soon! And despite overwhelming proof - physical and behavioral of her resemblance to her doting Dad ( she is almost like a miniature version) , I know I am in there inside of her. Well, somewhere, just beginning to show up. It began when she showed a fondness to pinch... Continue Reading →


DP Writing Challenge- I Remember

I Remember..... I don't remember a lot of things nowadays. Happens when you are Mommy to a six month old. I get more of 'Oh My God, I just remembered....' these days and usually, it is too late and/or can't still be done. But never mind, here goes my very own ..... 'I Just Remembered'... Continue Reading →

Veg Jalfraize and Me!

A recipe about me. Ah... I know the perfect analogy- Veg Jalfraize. It' strictly vegetarian, not very spicy though it can sometimes get HOT! And it is always colorful and bright, like my attire and accessories. Disclaimer: I am horrible at measurement, and that is why I never excelled at sports. So, I am leaving... Continue Reading →

Prince Charming

Leela stared at the grassy lawn outside her living room. It was moist with the fragrance of wet earth wafting towards her. The sky was overcast and even the Met Department had declared it as the beginning of monsoon. Rains, she noted happily, meant he would come today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And... Continue Reading →

Starting Over

Starting over a new life. Actually, this year I start a new phase of life. To be precise- in less than three weeks, I am going to embark on a most awaited phase of my life- motherhood. Yes, the pitter patter of little feet is just a few short days away. I know, I know.... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions

The new year is here and I have finalized my resolutions for this year. It does feel a little alarming to be posting it in full public view in writing, where I simply cannot deny or backtrack; but hey, let's live on the edge. Listed below are my resolutions: Read 12 books in the year. Stay happy.... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 7

Today's post is a list of random observations. Here it goes: I like lists. Any list will do. And I just love writing down lists. Needless to say, that's the inspiration for this post too. My Mom is more adventurous than me. Weather is deceptive in Chicago. The sun was shining merrily, necessitating the use... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 6

Temperatures are dropping really low. The weather is dull and gray. It's dismal and gloomy. What does one do at such times? For the Hubby and me , mostly it's a trip to the mall. Some window shopping, some admiring and droolingW, a hot coffee, lots of talking, and dinner at a restaurant. Movies are... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 4

Since I love books, this is a list of books I'd like to gift my li'l ones I will be having [the first one is anytime after three weeks 😀 ]. Mahabharata by Rajaji Amar Chitra Katha- Complete Mahabharata Series Walt Disney Comics Little Women Famous Five- the Complete Series Ramayana by Rajaji How to... Continue Reading →

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