About Me

Welcome to my blog!

This is my space to write about everyday adventures, travels and opinions on anything and everything! Books, movies, places, experiences, revelations: I share all this and more on this blog along with my Eureka moments. This blog pretty much serves as a record of my musings and growth as I try to tackle life as a curious thirty year old, mom and budding writer!

As a helpful heads-up, dominant on this blog are:

  • Lists: since I love lists of all kinds!
  • Book reviews : of whatever I read. (so, it might be old!)
  • Crafts and activities: because creativity and engagement are a mom’s best tools
  • Motherhood related thoughts: as I am a dragon mom (You have been warned!)
  • Philosophical ramblings: Read tagline again!

Blogging has been a great channel for me to gain new perspectives, find inspiration, learn many lessons, and capture my thoughts. (and yes, inflict my many opinions too!)

So, why do you blog? Do let me know in the comments below and many thanks for stopping by!

Also, I alter my About Page every year: so comments might seem unrelated. Links to previous versions are as below:

About Me -2012 & 13

About Me -2014

About Me -2015

About Me- 2016


17 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I definitely concur with your thoughts about blogging. It is for sure an easy way to channel your thoughts into an organized journal.


    • Absolutely. I can see from your blog that we are like minded in this aspect. It really is fun when you start jotting down a random thought and the words just seem to flow. Awesome feeling, don’t you agree?


  2. I like that someone who likes seashores & beaches & trinkets & junk food also likes my blog posts. In good company 🙂


  3. Hi Nirupama ! You’ve been tagged. :)If you like the game do answer the questions 🙂


  4. Thanks for visiting and liking my blog! This Happiness Project is VERY intriguing – I need to check it out! I love that everyday I learn something new from this awesome blogiverse!


  5. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award because your blog has given me joy and inspiration. To find out more visit http://mindurspirit.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/nominated-and-passing-it-on/


  6. I love your about page! Great idea having a mantra that you try to live by each year…what a cool idea. I’m also a fan of the Happiness Project, though I’ve never made it through a whole year. Chicago…brrrrrrrr.


    • My Happiness Project was in the Pre-Baby days. I am trying to at least start one now… let’s see… anyway, it’s having fun and being happy that counts than completion, so, it’s awesome that you at least started!


  7. It may sound clichéd but its amazing to see how you’ve grown even better as a writer, mommy and person through the course of this blog.
    Plus, its wonderful to know that years from now, you and ToddlerT will both be able to look at this blog and re-live some everyday yet memorable days of your lives!


  8. When you have a lot of thoughts falling all over themselves, seeking an appreciative audience, blogs are a great outlet.


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