Prepping for Summer

What with the Summer vacations looming ahead, we found this splendid book at the Arlington Heights Memorial library's Summer picks section. And voila, ideas already flowing for a happy, imagination filled summer ahead.    How are you preparing for the school holidays ahead? Share your tips in the comments below.


Big Little Wins

We all have little moments in life that make for big wins. Personal accomplishments that may be mere trivia to others but giant triumphs for us.  I had one of those wonderful moments a while earlier when I opened WordPress and saw this notification!    Yayy!!  As a blogger and writer, am sure you fellow... Continue Reading →

Yummy Italian at Olive Garden

We recently went to Olive Garden and had such a fabulous meal that this work'a post is all the pictures of our delicious dinner.  While we are vegetarians, the food was scrumptious and the menu varied.  An appetizing Strawberry Passion fruit non-alcoholic  drink.    My minestrone soup and Hubby's fresh salad  - that I helped myself to... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Customer Centricity

I recently finished the audiobook Customer Centricity by Peter Fader. This post is a review of the same. Review Summary: This book was mostly good and a little disappointing for varying reasons. Good: I picked this book because I enjoyed the author Professor Fader's MOOC on marketing immensely. The book is very interesting. If you... Continue Reading →

Girl Power

Found this inspiring poster by Girl Scouts at the Arlington Heights Memorial library in our city- Arlington Heights, Illinois   

Sweet T’s – Delicious Delight!

We recently went to this amazing boutique cake and cupcake place called Sweet T's Bakery Cake studio in Arlington Heights, Illinois.    Pretty decor that might grab your attention....   But not for too long!   With cute posters, charming tables to eat in for those in a hurry... to devour the sweet delights; this is... Continue Reading →

Joy of being Published!!!

 Ah! The joy of looking at a bookshelf (not mine or my Mom's) and seeing my book! Hurrah!!    For all those aspiring novelists, do it! Write your book. Start now. How? When? What? Well  Camp NaNoWriMo is ongoing. Not too late to join a large community of fabulous writers- both published and wannabe-almost-there.  Have a... Continue Reading →

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