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The new year is here and I have finalized my resolutions for this year. It does feel a little alarming to be posting it in full public view in writing, where I simply cannot deny or backtrack; but hey, let’s live on the edge.

Listed below are my resolutions:

  1. Read 12 books in the year.
  2. Stay happy. As in, be cheerful. Be optimistic. See the silver lining in every cloud. Just stay positive.
  3. Be a NaNoWriMo 2013 winner. I participated last year, loved it and have set myself this more challenging goal this year.
  4. Publish a post at least once a week.
  5. Learn how to wear Eyeliner before the year is up. [I am going to turn twenty seven  AND a Mom this year and have yet to master this basic task. It’s ridiculously pitiful, I know!]

There, I’ve written them down for all to see and track. Wish me luck, people!