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These are the blogs I love listed by genre. Do read, love and share; but don’t forget to come back!


1000 Awesome Things   – A look at the little things that make life awesome and  amazing. Gives a fresh perspective to the simple but unappreciated joys of life.

Daily Post   – Home blog from WordPress with tips, tricks, inspiration for writing, and daily prompts to get the creative juices flowing. I find it a great stop for discovering some wonderful blogs. (The link leads to the Writing Challenge and not the Home page, though)


MOMtessori Life: An incredible source for activities, both fun and educational for kids as well as thoughtful articles on motherhood and tips to teach life lessons to little bundles of joy.

Tales from Mamaville: To use the blogger’s own tag line, ‘Cracking the motherhood code, one day at a time…’

My Least Favorite Child Today: Unlike the rosy picture painted on social media and movies, parenting is tough, messy and often exasperating. Read this father’s hilarious take on his twins – parenting has never been simultaneously this honest and humorous.

Over 50 Under 5 – To quote the blog’s tagline. “Fatherhood remixed. A blog written by a baby and his father.”

TTC & Pregnancy – The journey of ttc, pregnancy and parenting.

My Least Favorite Child Today– A hilarious take on parenthood in all its unglamorous, tiring avatar.

Mama Unabridged – An account of parenting without the kid gloves.

Mom in Black – Mom who says it like it is! Hilarious yet, strikes a chord.

Game of Diapers – The daily adventures of a mom of three kids under three. Fun posts that also include reviews and delightfully practical advice.

gardengoatquote   – Imagine a working woman with nine kids who still stays sane, sensible and funny, all in the same breath. A lively account of the encounters of a super(b) Mom.

wondermentetc – An excellent blog about parenting adopted kids, written straight from the heart with great love, sensitivity, compassion and a great deal of optimism.

About LIFE:

Hannahroseb   – Musings of a student on life, writing and travel. Love this blog for being simple and profound.

Let’s Get Milkshakes   – This blog is an amusing, tongue-in-cheek take on single life, grooming, travel and other episodes of a young woman.

Mushy Cloud   – Random collection of thoughts of a Writer, thinker, musician, crafter.

Overexposed + Underdeveloped   – A group of women expressing their varied perspectives on one theme every month via words and photos. Makes for interesting reading.

Reflections…by Kathy   – Kathy’s reflections on life

The Naked Envelope  – An Australian freelance writer’s blog about amusing situations, interesting happenings, cool places to visit along with draft versions of her stories.


Reasonably Ludicrous   – A weekly updated blog on everyday topics complete with hilarious illustrations.

The Problem With Young People Is…   – An extremely witty, lovable blog with full blown rants on all that is wrong with our generation and the next.

2 thoughts on “BlogRoll

    1. No need for thanks. I love your blog.
      I have included only the blogs that I really enjoy reading and follow earnestly. So, keep writing great posts as usual.
      And Happy Blogging to you too! 🙂


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