Monday Motivation 



Reading Recap

This post is a short recap of all the books I read  the past month. I hope to make this a regular feature on this blog. In September - I mostly re-read favorites in the mystery genre. Agatha Christie’s and Isaac Asimov’s detective series. Since I started a new role and am still wrapping up... Continue Reading →

Little Steps to Pursue Hobbies

 With all those spare moments of reading adding up, I am actually ahead of my reading goals for 2018. Hurrah!      And while it’s true that we should definitely pursue hobbies and interests for the joy they spark, I feel  tracking my spare moments on reading helps me use my time a little better.... Continue Reading →

Grandma and Reading

A graceful figure clad in a sari, she is sitting on the floor. Her back is straight resting against a door or wall. She always read in this position, her body making a right angle, erect in posture, only feet crossed at the ankles, for the three decades I knew her. Her book would be... Continue Reading →

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