Girl Power

Found this inspiring poster by Girl Scouts at the Arlington Heights Memorial library in our city- Arlington Heights, Illinois   


Sweet T’s – Delicious Delight!

We recently went to this amazing boutique cake and cupcake place called Sweet T's Bakery Cake studio in Arlington Heights, Illinois.    Pretty decor that might grab your attention....   But not for too long!   With cute posters, charming tables to eat in for those in a hurry... to devour the sweet delights; this is... Continue Reading →

Joy of being Published!!!

 Ah! The joy of looking at a bookshelf (not mine or my Mom's) and seeing my book! Hurrah!!    For all those aspiring novelists, do it! Write your book. Start now. How? When? What? Well  Camp NaNoWriMo is ongoing. Not too late to join a large community of fabulous writers- both published and wannabe-almost-there.  Have a... Continue Reading →

 We recently  visited the Arlington Heights library and enjoyed the reflection table. T giggled her heart out and enjoyed it immensely, I am looking for ideas to replicate the reflection/sensory table.   We also crafted the heart-wrap box that we had done for Valentines Day as well   Plus, we created the Kindness cards   to hang... Continue Reading →

Magnetic blocks

This week's post is about another set of blocks.    A birthday gift that we are enjoying a lot, this has been great for T and even her little friends.  A few pictures: Simple structures to begin with:  Fun creations to progress with:     The box itself is briefcase style and acts as a handy... Continue Reading →

Blogging Tip: About Me Page

Welcome to my new series of Blogging tips where I share simple tips and strategies I follow. Since all my readers are very busy people, these will be short and sweet, aimed to engage and hopefully inspire. Without further ado, here goes. Blogging Tip: Update your About Me page to reflect your blog's purpose and... Continue Reading →

Dino Party by DSK’s mom

In this post, I'm sharing the work of a very talented fellow blogger whose creative and now Mommying skills never fail to amaze me. Miss P's whose blogs I am linking here has always been the creative one, what with her college fest work, being in charge of the decor at engagements and her witty... Continue Reading →

Duplo and Imagination

I love Duplo because they foster so much creativity and imagination.  T made this adorable stage and a full blown story where the little figurines have a school program, complete with parents taking pictures. While not evident, some blocks are steps to the stage which is why there is no fourth pillar! I also loved... Continue Reading →

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