Grandma and Reading

A graceful figure clad in a sari, she is sitting on the floor. Her back is straight resting against a door or wall. She always read in this position, her body making a right angle, erect in posture, only feet crossed at the ankles, for the three decades I knew her. Her book would be... Continue Reading →


Lists and Reading

This post is a combination of two of my favorites- reading and lists. I thought it would be fun to see what I could come up. And lo and behold- I decided to simply add different lists related to reading in this post. I. My current reads: Laura Vanderkam's "Off the Clock" Seth Godin's "All... Continue Reading →

Chicago in Foot

This is another post about exploring Chicago on foot with pictures. For Memorial Day weekend, we explored some gorgeous spots on the Lakeshore Drive Walk!      Remembering Heroes:    Clear skies and gorgeous weather ensured that we had a fun time! And if you observe closely, this picture is right next to the Ghirardelli store, which... Continue Reading →

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