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Happiness Project

I was recommended the book “The Happiness Project” written by Gretchen Rubin, an inspiring book on how to be happier NOW without changing anything but yourself. It served as the inspiration for me to start my own happiness project. Hopefully this will help me improve myself, explore my own self, appreciate life fully, connect deeper with my family and add a bit of necessary organization to my life to make more time for all the things I find fun.

The author shares various insights in her website and has a complete tool kit to start your own project. Link is given below:

Read more on my monthly Resolutions and Goals under the Categories Happiness Project. I am adding a post for each month outlining the objectives for that month. Titles are given below though I have not added all the posts as of yet.

February- Fitness : Related posts here.

March- Appreciate : Gratitude post here.

April- Organise – My attempts at becoming more organized are documented in my two posts Organizing and Organizing or Agonizing.

May- Pursue a Passion

June- Family First

July- Leisure

August- Time for Friends

September- Be Nice

October- Focus on ME

November- Follow All Resolutions

December- Goals: New and Old

8 thoughts on “Happiness Project

    1. ‘The Happiness Project’ certainly is an insightful book. We all yearn to be happier and better- something along the lines of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And this book is a unique way to actualize our own dreams and goals in simple but accountable ways.I certainly found it a great read.

      Thanks Camille, for your wishes and for stopping by as well.


  1. I have just recently found and read Rubin’s The Happiness Project myself. I found it immensely inspiring and have just embarked on my own Happiness Project. So, I was quite excited and pleased to discover someone else is on the same journey. Looking forward to reading about your journey…


  2. I really enjoyed that book and hope to read it again soon. I started my own version of a Happiness Project too, and it got me doing lots of new things I’ve always wanted to do. Good luck with yours!


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