What Motherhood Taught Me: the not-really-useful List

This post is about the surprising things I learnt along this unpredictable journey of motherhood. I find it amusing and astonishing to discover my boundless capacity for learning and knowing so much trivia. What is even more fascinating is that there are more than two sources to teach each of these on the Internet. Dinosaurs : I... Continue Reading →


Mantra for 2015 and other Aspirations

My mantra for 2015... It's been nine days and I did not even realize that I have not decided on a mantra for the year. Ouch! I have been changing my 'About Me' page every year since I started this blog in 2012. And while reading that static page and chuckling on some of the... Continue Reading →

Rewind 2014

Well, the year is not over. Almost two days left, which still holds the promise of so many joys and happy moments. But still, here is a quick rewind of some- definitely, not all the things that I learned. Do what you love. Life is short. Spend time with family. Make calls to family, call... Continue Reading →

Quick Hello!

Howdy folks!! I know, I know- my posts are so irregular, right? Well, NaNoWriMo is upon us and it's only fair that this toddler Mommy spend every spare minute attacking the next novel or at least 50K words. I actually am itching to get back to that much abused main character of mine and browbeat... Continue Reading →

Mirror Image

Today's post is an exercise of sorts- ten minutes of writing. And what am I writing about? TOday I take a potshot at the woman in the mirror. So, here is a list after an objective reflection of the flaws and features of the person who looks back at me- the Good, Bad and the... Continue Reading →

How I select my Library Books

Books, list, me/my choices. Three of my favorite things. Toss them together and you get the list of type of books I select whenever I go to the library. Comfort Book - This is always a book by one of my favorite Authors. It's one that I've already read but never mind reading again. A book for... Continue Reading →

DP Writing Challenge- I Remember

I Remember..... I don't remember a lot of things nowadays. Happens when you are Mommy to a six month old. I get more of 'Oh My God, I just remembered....' these days and usually, it is too late and/or can't still be done. But never mind, here goes my very own ..... 'I Just Remembered'... Continue Reading →

Starting Over

Starting over a new life. Actually, this year I start a new phase of life. To be precise- in less than three weeks, I am going to embark on a most awaited phase of my life- motherhood. Yes, the pitter patter of little feet is just a few short days away. I know, I know.... Continue Reading →

Kutty Chutties

Children make for very good viewing. Especially when they are being themselves. So set the stage with four randomly picked kids. Pose everyday questions. Ensure an encouraging audience. Keep a cheerful ambience. Result: Rib tickling laughter. Lots of fun. Delightful answers. Some surprising home truths. And an unfiltered view of the world as it appears... Continue Reading →

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