Food of Love

Food of Love by Amanda Prowse was my Kindle ebook- that I got to read free with my Prime Membership. Powerful, poignant, heart-wrenching; it was a grippingly realistic read: so much that plenty of times I simply wanted to fling the book away in frustration at the characters. Thankfully, the knowledge that I am reading on a... Continue Reading →


Conversation Starters

I recently Googled 'Conversation Starters' and got this great link of 250 questions. Well, I tried answering them (I know, that's not how it is used, but never mind!) and these are the insights I got: It was fun and enjoyable. Preschooler T also responded to the questions (to what she understood of it) and it... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge- Embraced Change

This week's Writing Challenge is to write a poem. This is my attempt at an acrostic and a prose poem. I've also tried to make this a sonnet. Why? Because it sounds beautiful and well, I like sonnets. And more realistically, that is the extent of the number of rhyming lines I can possibly make. And oh, like most of... Continue Reading →

Starting Over

Starting over a new life. Actually, this year I start a new phase of life. To be precise- in less than three weeks, I am going to embark on a most awaited phase of my life- motherhood. Yes, the pitter patter of little feet is just a few short days away. I know, I know.... Continue Reading →

I wish I were…

I wish I were... A diary writer since childhood. I discovered the joys of writing all the good things that happen to me- both big and small- only in my twenties. It's amazing how uplifting writing about our small pleasures, tiny feats and good deeds can be. Seriously, try it some time. Ad of course,... Continue Reading →

The Leap

It was a sheer drop. My heart was beating as hard as drum rolls at a college party. I had seen 7 others go before me and knew that it would be over in 10 seconds. I also knew that I would be pushed off without mercy in the next minute if not less. I... Continue Reading →

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