Big Little Wins

We all have little moments in life that make for big wins. Personal accomplishments that may be mere trivia to others but giant triumphs for us.  I had one of those wonderful moments a while earlier when I opened WordPress and saw this notification!    Yayy!!  As a blogger and writer, am sure you fellow... Continue Reading →


Joy of being Published!!!

Ah! The joy of looking at a bookshelf (not mine or my Mom's) and seeing my book! Hurrah!! For all those aspiring novelists, do it! Write your book. Start now. How? When? What? Well  Camp NaNoWriMo is ongoing. Not too late to join a large community of fabulous writers- both published and wannabe-almost-there. Have a great... Continue Reading →

Blogging Tip: About Me Page

Welcome to my new series of Blogging tips where I share simple tips and strategies I follow. Since all my readers are very busy people, these will be short and sweet, aimed to engage and hopefully inspire. Without further ado, here goes. Blogging Tip: Update your About Me page to reflect your blog's purpose and... Continue Reading →

Blog Anniversary- Thank you!

6 years ago on this day, I joined WordPress! So, today is a Blog Anniversary! Yay!!! I'd like to thank all my readers for following along and inspiring me to stay committed to writing. THANK YOU so very much!! Your Follows, Likes and Comments have kept me going, through good and bad, busy times and... Continue Reading →

About Me 2017

Every year I update my "About Me" and re-post the content of the previous one. It's a nice way to look back at my writing, life, goals and voice and look forward to the New Year. Plus, it's a brilliant hack to add a post with minimal effort. There is effort involved obviously in updating the... Continue Reading →


Writing is a difficult activity for preschoolers. Throw in their preference for games and pretend play and wavering attention; sitting down and writing becomes a daunting task for kids and parents. T has learnt writing the alphabets at preschool. God bless her teachers; because she simply was not ready or willing with me. But now... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt-Journey

In this post , I chose the Daily Prompt Journey. Here, I thought I'd write about my mental journey whenever I think about a topic to write about while struggling for inspiration. You know I am lacking any great content when I check Daily Post for topics. But hey, that's adulthood- plodding along even without inspiration/... Continue Reading →


This post is a response to the prompt at Daily Post. As a mom and writer, my life seems to be full of decisions, big and small; leading me to constantly ponder- this or that? Listed below are a few examples in no specific order: Write a blog post (however slowly and finish) OR finish reading that... Continue Reading →

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