India, Weddings and More…- Part 1

I have been away from blogging for more than a month. The reasons are the same as the title of this post. Instead of excuses or lengthy monologues on what we did, below are photos of all the fun stuff we did!                                  


Why BabyT loves India!

This post has been simmering in the back of my mind for a really long time. But I'm enjoying my trip back home so much that it's only today that I'm actually able to articulate and publish this. So, here goes... Why Baby T loves India! (and me too! 😛 ) No car seats. As one... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss in Chicago

Ok, this post is not a rant about the city. I love Chicago, esp since I stay in the suburbs. In fact, it is going to inspire my next post. After all, I began my happily married life here, had Baby T here. This is just a random list inspired by my visit back home.... Continue Reading →

The Week that Was

Yet another post on all the great things that happened this week. Baby had her third set of vaccinations and BCG. She was an angel through all of it. It rained here. So, the weather is much better now. Baby laughed her first proper consecutive laughs. Isn't that awesome? She has chuckled only twice before... Continue Reading →

Hip Hip Hurrah

The week that just flew by was one that made me go Yippee! and Hip Hip Hurrah! Reasons? Here's why? Our little angel turned two months old. This was the first week (ok, five days) with no Grandma. And I am happy to observe that we, as Mom and Dad did not do too badly.... Continue Reading →

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