Gorgeous weather is here!




 Waiting for Spring !!!  

Happy & Sweet!

Diwali- the festival of Lights is here...! Or at least on its way- depending on what Calendar you follow and where you live. But it's that season of the year again for Indians, when we totally binge on sweets and snacks. Woo-hoo! And usually, no one counts calories. Everyone shares sweets and good wishes and dresses... Continue Reading →

Walk in the Park

This post is literally about our walks in the park this week. Great weather, verdant landscapes, spectacular views, healthy strolls and late sunsets (and a tired out preschooler 😉)- an excellent week indeed!  Few snapshots:              

Week in Review : Photo

My week can be summed up in the following photo: Coffee to survive the looooooong days!  But while, the photo is beautiful and the coffee delicious, my week was from from picture perfect. Snippets of harsh and unenviable reality are as follows: The coffee is from our trip to Navy Pier. It seems so long... Continue Reading →


So sorry I missed posting last week. But I was simply having a fantastic time that my posting day came and went in a flash!  So, here is a run- down of what I had been up to: Sis was here. So, ToddlerT, Sis and me had a girly time together! Hurrah! We visited Navy... Continue Reading →

Blogging 101- Day 2

Lists - that is the assignment for today. I love lists- so here goes. What I use my iPhone for: (not just for Candy crush folks as lots of people seem to suggest)- that is the focus of this post. I know lots of people who brag about their iPhone without actually using it for... Continue Reading →

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