Chicago in Foot

This is another post about exploring Chicago on foot with pictures. For Memorial Day weekend, we explored some gorgeous spots on the Lakeshore Drive Walk!      Remembering Heroes:    Clear skies and gorgeous weather ensured that we had a fun time! And if you observe closely, this picture is right next to the Ghirardelli store, which... Continue Reading →


Chicago on Foot- Memorial Day weekend trip 

One of the things about travel is that it opens our eyes to our limitations and narrow focus. I've written about exploring Chicago in the past and discovering hidden gems. This trip was no different. Tucked away on both sides of the water bridge are circular discs that caught my eye as I pointed out... Continue Reading →

Winter Wandering

This week's post is a round up of some of the winter activities we have been up to now that Icy Blasts have arrived in Chicago.    Visit Northbrook Court:  This mall is beautiful, not very crowded and has lovely spaces. Photo-ops for Insta and FB are amazing. Plus, it's enclosed and cozy.    For... Continue Reading →

Night time at Chicago 

We recently went to Downtown Chicago and here are the photos from our delightful night of gazing at the lights and the sights.  Brilliant buildings and Resplendent River:    Gorgeous Views:    Walking along :    Lights and Sights:  I loved the glimmering lights and so did T. In fact, she named all the buildings as... Continue Reading →

Apple Holler Farms Again

Last year, we had great fun doing Apple Picking over at Apple Holler Farms. This year, we decided to repeat the experience. Who knows, it could well become a Fall tradition for us!  Today's post is hence a photo post about our wonderful time picking and eating apples and all the fun we had over... Continue Reading →

Milwaukee Trip

Last weekend, we got together with close friends who stay in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It follows then yours truly will commemorate the occasion with a phot post. Let me begin with the view that greeted us from our friend's apartment:    We headed like every tourist to Lake Geneva. But our first stop was not that gorgeous... Continue Reading →

Stats & Insights

In todays' post, I thought it would be fun to compare what my blog stats for 2017 and the month of August. I love seeing the metrics (thank you readers for all the love, likes and comments) on my dashboard and the insights I can glean [or make up! :P]. My all time Views: An... Continue Reading →

Motherhood- the rosy parts!

Motherhood is TOUGH! No denying or glossing over that. But the cuddles, giggles and awww! moments make it worth it!!! ... until the next meltdown, tantrum, body ejection projectile...! 😜   In today's post, I thought I'd share the marvelous moments of childhood, the surprising benefits that get lost in the humdrum and uphill tasks... Continue Reading →

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