Lego Duplo Fun & Imagineering 

  This week's post is all about Lego Duplo creations.  T had her fifth birthday last week, so she got to pick out a present. Of course, she chose Lego Duplo: the Family Fun Fair.  Her choice stemmed from simple reasons: She LOVES Legos The box was huge It had four figurines to play and make... Continue Reading →


Childish Lens

In today's post, I am adding a few photos to represent T's point of view. Funny, startling and completely offbeat - no wonder people in close contact with kids are found to have a better imagination and higher creativity!   When I saw this picture, I was perturbed for a minute. Who wants to resemble an... Continue Reading →

Toy time 

With grandma, everyday is 'shopping for T' day. But the purchases have been so engaging (even for moi) and so educational, that I do not mind at all!  From developing motor skills to creative enactment of pretend-play; these toys were so useful and entertaining. A few photo illustrations below:               All in... Continue Reading →

Toys and Tots

Highlights of the past week in bullet points since I am still so happy, I can't string enough words to make paragraphs let alone craft a decent post!🤓 On vacation in India Met with family! Oh, the joy! Was part of a surprise party for my dear uncle and aunt who celebrated their 17th anniversary. Luckily and... Continue Reading →


We had a few firsts this week for T and am still reeling under the joy and surprise of it all: Dental visit: She was a trooper. The nurse and doctor were amazing, as was ToddlerT. She did not cry and at all and in fact recounted the entire episode to two delighted sets of... Continue Reading →

Games We Play

Hmmm... Life becomes so different after becoming a mother. I wrote about my book selection post baby and also the many ways in which I have changed. Today, I share a photograph of the way my games have changed, specifically board games. There used to be a time when I used to spend ages playing... Continue Reading →

What ToddlerT likes

Lists are my favorite form of posts, especially on days when I do not have any specific topic to write about. Today I am going to do a list of things toddlerT likes complete with photos. Happy reading (or not) and have a good weekend! ToddlerT likes: Swings- she absolutely adores them. Yes, we are... Continue Reading →

This is what play (and work) looks like! BabyT here, is showing off to her adoring grandmother.

Daily Prompt

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab? My answer to this question would be : the dear iPhone- can't do without it The book I'm currently reading: The Twentieth Wife My beautiful bracelet watch: an Engagement gift from the Hubby the cute little... Continue Reading →

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