Hues, Blues, Spring and Childhood

Inspired by the Weekly Challenge over at the Daily Post, I decided to do a post about colors. March is the season of Spring and for Indians, synonymous with the festival of Colors or Holi. While our family did not indulge in the festivities, I decided to dedicate this post to the rainbow of my... Continue Reading →


Holidays and DIY projects    

This week marks the second week of holidays. With ample time and no deadlines, we had a fun time trying out all sorts of messy and DIY projects. Below are pics of our projects. Some ground rules were: (self imposed and more like restrictions, since rules seldom work!) No special supplies or purchases Needs to... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread Day

Today was the last day of school for T before her winter vacations. Happily today was also the day when the kids and parents got together to celebrate Gingerbread Day! Yayy! Below are few pictures of our efforts and also my not-so-helpful observations: It was fascinating to see how kids imagined houses, complete with driveways, doors and... Continue Reading →

Quick Thanks

On Thanksgiving, what better to write a post on things I am thankful for. In no order of importance and certainly not exhaustive, here goes my quick list. I am thankful for: My wonderful supportive family An adorable pre-schooler This blog The chance to micro-volunteer and change the world in tiny ways Loyal Friends No snow (yet!)... Continue Reading →

Lego and Creativity 

  Clockwise from Top Left: Lego Girl Robot: the chains are her pigtails House cum Library: on the other side is a door, unseen from this angle Castle with door: previous house has similar door  Traffic signal: we had propped it for our lego car to drive past As seen from the image above, T... Continue Reading →

Happy & Sweet!

Diwali- the festival of Lights is here...! Or at least on its way- depending on what Calendar you follow and where you live. But it's that season of the year again for Indians, when we totally binge on sweets and snacks. Woo-hoo! And usually, no one counts calories. Everyone shares sweets and good wishes and dresses... Continue Reading →

Childish Lens

In today's post, I am adding a few photos to represent T's point of view. Funny, startling and completely offbeat - no wonder people in close contact with kids are found to have a better imagination and higher creativity!   When I saw this picture, I was perturbed for a minute. Who wants to resemble an... Continue Reading →

Conversation Starters

I recently Googled 'Conversation Starters' and got this great link of 250 questions. Well, I tried answering them (I know, that's not how it is used, but never mind!) and these are the insights I got: It was fun and enjoyable. Preschooler T also responded to the questions (to what she understood of it) and it... Continue Reading →

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