About Me- 2016

This was my About Page for the whole of 2016. Since, 2017 is here- my About Page is refreshed and this now-old page is a new blog post! While that is a sneaky way to add a post without doing much, it does mean looking at the past year and reflecting on it and of course,... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompt-Journey

In this post , I chose the Daily Prompt Journey. Here, I thought I'd write about my mental journey whenever I think about a topic to write about while struggling for inspiration. You know I am lacking any great content when I check Daily Post for topics. But hey, that's adulthood- plodding along even without inspiration/... Continue Reading →

Conversation Starters

I recently Googled 'Conversation Starters' and got this great link of 250 questions. Well, I tried answering them (I know, that's not how it is used, but never mind!) and these are the insights I got: It was fun and enjoyable. Preschooler T also responded to the questions (to what she understood of it) and it... Continue Reading →

Food For Thought

I've been thinking. About how awful our world has become. No, this is not about Paris or any of the horrific events that one keeps reading about on a daily basis. Though, I have to admit that it's probably the culmination of the little acts of unkindness that go on. In everyday lives, by ordinary... Continue Reading →

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