Why BabyT loves India!

This post has been simmering in the back of my mind for a really long time. But I'm enjoying my trip back home so much that it's only today that I'm actually able to articulate and publish this. So, here goes... Why Baby T loves India! (and me too! 😛 ) No car seats. As one... Continue Reading →


A Manner of Speaking

It's 11 in the evening and I about to night marofy. The little one has just woken up from sleep, refreshed and bright eyed, ready to rock and roll. The same cannot be said of her bechari Mummy and darling Dimma. Welcome to motherhood and grandmotherhood. I was planning to write a super duper post... Continue Reading →

Kutty Chutties

Children make for very good viewing. Especially when they are being themselves. So set the stage with four randomly picked kids. Pose everyday questions. Ensure an encouraging audience. Keep a cheerful ambience. Result: Rib tickling laughter. Lots of fun. Delightful answers. Some surprising home truths. And an unfiltered view of the world as it appears... Continue Reading →

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