Summer School

Hurray! The little toddler is enrolled in Summer School and she loves it! She never made a fuss! I am delighted!  A quick snap of her first artwork from school! I know, I AM a proud mamma.   


Things I Miss in Chicago

Ok, this post is not a rant about the city. I love Chicago, esp since I stay in the suburbs. In fact, it is going to inspire my next post. After all, I began my happily married life here, had Baby T here. This is just a random list inspired by my visit back home.... Continue Reading →

A snapshot of the beautiful sky as we drove out of the Aurora temple. It was sunny after many gloomy days. The sky was this vivid blue with cheery wisps of clouds floating far above. It was just so delightful that I had to pause and capture the moment. I love this photo not just... Continue Reading →

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