Darling, You Can’t Do Both… -Book Review

This week's post is my review of the amazing book: 'Darling, You Can't Do Both..' TO be honest, it is more a list (what else!) of all the wonderful nuggets I gleaned, the points that made me ponder long and hard and the wonderful resources I learned. This book was on my Books by Women... Continue Reading →


The Short Drop

The Short Drop I consider the following elements to be extremely intriguing when they are at the core of a book. Hacking Politics, especially in DC Vendetta Lost friendships Missing Persons Investigation, especially on a 'cold trail' Assassins Secret Service and Espionage (Hopefully, you guys consider them pretty juicy plots in a book too!) Now... Continue Reading →

The Nine Rooms of Happiness

Book Review: The Nine Rooms of Happiness- Lucy Danziger & Dr. Catherine Birndorf "Life and all the various roles we, women play, explained in terms of the different rooms in a house". 'Interesting!', I thought as I grabbed the book. Skimming through  (I dislike books that turn boring between the introduction and climax) I found... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 5

What I learnt from NaNoWriMo! That is my post for today. At the outset, let me clarify a few things. I did not finish the challenge. My novel is just a bunch of random chapters, incoherent characters, and so on. These are lessons for me and perhaps will not be useful to anybody else. Unless... Continue Reading →

Egyptian Adventure

A Lightning bolt lit up the desert sky just as the bold explorers entered the centuries-old pyramid. Without flinching, armed with backpacks, the two strode in with grim determination and reckless courage. The inside of the vast tomb of ancient Pharaohs was cold, dark and eerie. Less knowledgeable archaeologists would have found the complex, web-covered... Continue Reading →

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