The Confidence Effect : Book Review

Today's post is a Book review of The Confidence Effect:  Every Woman's Guide to the Attitude That Attracts Success by author Grace Killelea. This book was recommended to me as an excellent guide for women to gain and maintain confidence. This book for most parts is personal development guide for career women, especially those working... Continue Reading →


Brag! – Book Review

Today's post is all about bragging. Or more accurately, the wonderful book by Peggy Klaus: 'Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn without Blowing It!' I love how the book explains the significance of bragging; the importance of speaking about ourselves favorably in moments when it matters the most. She also expounds that the... Continue Reading →

Why Mars and Venus Collide- John Gray

I loved Gray's previous: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Naturally, it was great expectations that I picked up this work of his. Doing full justice to my lofty expectations, the book is smashing and totally relatable. Complete with scientific research to back his statements and examples of everyday conversations and fights, the... Continue Reading →

Lean In- Sheryl Sandberg

Ok. I have been meaning to read this book since a long time but what with a young baby grappling for my attention and plenty of book lovers battling for the same book, it was hard to get my greedy hands on a copy. I finally received this book from the library after what seemed like... Continue Reading →

The Nine Rooms of Happiness

Book Review: The Nine Rooms of Happiness- Lucy Danziger & Dr. Catherine Birndorf "Life and all the various roles we, women play, explained in terms of the different rooms in a house". 'Interesting!', I thought as I grabbed the book. Skimming through  (I dislike books that turn boring between the introduction and climax) I found... Continue Reading →

Self Help

Self help is the best help. But all of us need some prodding, a little inspiration, few words of motivation, basically- a bit of external stimuli, from time to time. As a book lover and a person trying to constantly improve (and not always moi, may it be noted), I am ever on the look out for some... Continue Reading →

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