Home with Mama

So apt as I snuggle with my own little Llama who is home with a cold. Thank you Anne Dewdney!! (Creator of Llama Llama series)  


2017 Review: Stats & Insights

Data and Analytics are trending buzzwords today. I should know, I am a freelancing one myself. One of the advantages of having a WordPress blog is that you get to view your site statistics in one place. What better way to kick off another year of blogging than learning from the performance of the past... Continue Reading →

Books by Women

Driven by my love of books and inspired by the completion of my Goodreads challenge, I took upon myself to review the kind of reading I am currently doing and what insights I could glean. All the books I read this year except one were non-fiction! [16/17] The only fiction book I read was a... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Motherhood Is A …

I finished reading 'Motherhood Is a Beach B#tch'  by Lyss Stern last week. Amusing, empowering, sarcastic yet helpful; this is a great book for all Mommies, harried or otherwise. And before the 'B#tch' word turns you off: it's an ACRONYM!!!! The entire premise of the book, is that the B-word should stand for 'Being In... Continue Reading →

Books, Books Everywhere

These past days I've been reading till my eyes hurt. In the nice, happy kind of way. Like how eyes feel a little puffy and eyelashes heavy and damp after a long, bout of heartfelt laughter. Yup, the same way. Thanks to some amazing books from our local library [Mom and I actually brought back... Continue Reading →

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