Book Review:The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Marie Kondo's famed book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has been on my list of books to read for a long time. The wait finally ended this week when I grabbed a copy, courtesy the local library. The book is indeed wonderful. All the glowing reviews I had heard are absolutely correct. I was skeptical at... Continue Reading →



I am in the process of sorting all of ToddlerT's crafts and sending photos. Naturally, my storage for photos got full. So, of course I had to abandon the sorting to cleaning my folder of photos. And by natural progression, I totally wasted time ooh-ing and aah-ing over the li'l one's many photos. While I... Continue Reading →

April Adds up to: SUCCESS!

And the results of April are: SUCCESS! I have been trying to follow all of April's rules very very religiously and have pretty much succeeded in keeping up. Our house is neat for the most part. I tidy up before hitting the gym (yes, that is on too!) and before the better half gets home.... Continue Reading →

Organizing or Agonizing?

Here's a quick update on the past nine days of trying to be organized. These nine days saw me attack my house keeping and clutter with a vengeance at the beginning. Then all my enthusiasm started deteriorating rapidly. Reason? Simple, cleaning begets cleaning. I started seeing clutter pretty much everywhere. I've come to the sorry... Continue Reading →

April- Organizing

April- Organizing

With April began my Organizing Month, the resolution for the month being Keeping my life and home organized and clutter free.

The task is easier said than done especially for a couch potato like me. I am not a very tidy person, so this is something of a major task for me. That is why, I had pushed this particular aspect of my Happiness Project a bit to the middle. I really did not want to begin with a daunting task and end up discouraging myself.

I have been dabbling in sporadic bursts of organising in the past months. So, now my papers and bills at least are under control. With the modest success of the goals of the past two months (I am proud of myself for having exercised continously for 60 days), I aspire to overcome this block as well.

I've set some basic tenets to follow for the task at hand:

  1. One minute rule: If that's all it takes, do it NOW!
  2. Spend ten minutes to clean in the evening before Hubbyji arrives and five minutes before bed. A cleaner home for Hubs to return to and less clutter for me to wake up to surely is a great mood uplifter.
  3. Activities that need all of five minutes should be done immediately if no other pressing matters are at hand.
  4. Bills, receipts, documents and perishable goods need to be filed/stored immediately. 
  5. Clean the house imagining Mom to be coming home. I somehow finish my housekeeping tasks fastest and best when somebody is visiting us. And even as a single girl, things always got cleared in a jiffy and PROPERLY when my Mom was due for a visit. I do not know how and why, but it just is so. So, I've decided to use the power of visualization to get through this month's goals.

I've been religiously following Jen's blog on efficiently getting rid of clutter, so I'm feeling quite upbeat about this project. Her blog and tips can be read at IHeartOrganizing.

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