10 Reasons to Take Kids to Museums

Today's blog post is inspired by my answer on Quora about why people take young kids to Museums. This post is about why we should take kids to all kinds of museums: science, arts, natural history, industry and so on. The benefits for kids and grown ups are many, and not just limited to the actual... Continue Reading →


Springfield Trip- 2

In today's post, I'd like to share few more photos of our enjoyable trip to Springfield, Illinois.    Lincoln's statuesque home- now a National Historic Site.   Capitol: we could not enter owing to the holiday. But the building itself was imposing and gorgeous.     T was fascinated by the water fountains:    ... Continue Reading →

Gingerbread Day

Today was the last day of school for T before her winter vacations. Happily today was also the day when the kids and parents got together to celebrate Gingerbread Day! Yayy! Below are few pictures of our efforts and also my not-so-helpful observations: It was fascinating to see how kids imagined houses, complete with driveways, doors and... Continue Reading →

Food of Love

Food of Love by Amanda Prowse was my Kindle ebook- that I got to read free with my Prime Membership. Powerful, poignant, heart-wrenching; it was a grippingly realistic read: so much that plenty of times I simply wanted to fling the book away in frustration at the characters. Thankfully, the knowledge that I am reading on a... Continue Reading →


T is in preschool now and every now and then, I am amazed at how much she's grown. And then I look at pictures like these and feel so nostalgic... The days are long but the years are short...!

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