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Why Mars and Venus Collide- John Gray

I loved Gray's previous: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Naturally, it was great expectations that I picked up this work of his. Doing full justice to my lofty expectations, the book is smashing and totally relatable. Complete with scientific research to back his statements and examples of everyday conversations and fights, the... Continue Reading →

A Happy New Year – to me!!

Happy New Year everyone! But most of all, I would like to wish myself a very happy new year!! My grandmother passed away on 31st morning! Despite the fact that she was 95+, frail and bedridden for over two years, AND recently hospitalized, it is still a shock. That was the third demise in this... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Lies

I a going to hit the Big 3 in a couple of years... OMG... just writing that makes me feel old. I feel worse when the little voice in my mind corrects me, tauntingly saying 'actually, that happens in precisely a year and a half'. Ouch. Little lies. They make us happier. Right? How about... Continue Reading →

Rules to Live By

Facts of life: Baby T is over a year old. She turned 17 months... how the days pass! Sigh! 2 years to go before I turn 30! EEKS! Hubby and I celebrated 3 wonderful years together last week. Happy grin! This means I have been an adult for quite some time now and really need... Continue Reading →

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