Reading Progress and Why We SHOULD celebrate

In this week’s post, I first thought to share updates on my reading goals for 2018- 25 books. Hurrah! Seemed like a nice milestone to share. The year is almost half up, I’m striding ahead on my goals and everything is hunky Dory, right? Ha ha! Well, I almost did not share this post. Thoughts... Continue Reading →


Lego Duplo Fun & Imagineering 

  This week's post is all about Lego Duplo creations.  T had her fifth birthday last week, so she got to pick out a present. Of course, she chose Lego Duplo: the Family Fun Fair.  Her choice stemmed from simple reasons: She LOVES Legos The box was huge It had four figurines to play and make... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Ride

I had been posting a lot lately about our road trip to Florida, Disney, and Delaware. In this post, I'd like to share a few pictures of the our trip itself . These gorgeous views made me thankful for lessons from motherhood : namely, living in the present, soaking up the sights, enjoying my surroundings.... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Disney Trip

I have been talking about our Florida holiday to Disney and Orlando. This week I thought I'd share a few notes/ lessons I jotted to myself during the trip. Take pictures at the entrance. You'll forget to do it later while having too much fun!    Account for the entrance and security queues.    Marvel at good... Continue Reading →

Habitats, Hopeful Teaching & Mommy Realities

Reinforcing T's education and keeping her engaged, especially in imaginative activities is a major responsibility of mine. (Like every parent and caregiver on the planet).So, I am always eager to learn about fun activities that other parents/ teachers/ bloggers are doing. My sources are friends, T's teachers, this awesome blogger at Montessori Life [ she shares... Continue Reading →

2016 Blogging Review

This week's post is a review of my review of blogging in 2016. After careful scrutiny and studying the insights provided by WordPress' awesome dashboard; here is what I learnt! My About Me is my top performing page. To be honest, the most viewed one IS my Home Page, but as per unique views, About Me trumps the rest.... Continue Reading →

Childish Lens

In today's post, I am adding a few photos to represent T's point of view. Funny, startling and completely offbeat - no wonder people in close contact with kids are found to have a better imagination and higher creativity!   When I saw this picture, I was perturbed for a minute. Who wants to resemble an... Continue Reading →

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