Yummy Italian at Olive Garden

We recently went to Olive Garden and had such a fabulous meal that this work'a post is all the pictures of our delicious dinner. While we are vegetarians, the food was scrumptious and the menu varied. An appetizing Strawberry Passion fruit non-alcoholic  drink. My minestrone soup and Hubby's fresh salad  - that I helped myself to a... Continue Reading →


10 Reasons to Take Kids to Museums

Today's blog post is inspired by my answer on Quora about why people take young kids to Museums. This post is about why we should take kids to all kinds of museums: science, arts, natural history, industry and so on. The benefits for kids and grown ups are many, and not just limited to the actual... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Motherhood Is A …

I finished reading 'Motherhood Is a Beach B#tch'  by Lyss Stern last week. Amusing, empowering, sarcastic yet helpful; this is a great book for all Mommies, harried or otherwise. And before the 'B#tch' word turns you off: it's an ACRONYM!!!! The entire premise of the book, is that the B-word should stand for 'Being In... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Disney Trip

I have been talking about our Florida holiday to Disney and Orlando. This week I thought I'd share a few notes/ lessons I jotted to myself during the trip. Take pictures at the entrance. You'll forget to do it later while having too much fun!    Account for the entrance and security queues.    Marvel at good... Continue Reading →

Childish Lens

In today's post, I am adding a few photos to represent T's point of view. Funny, startling and completely offbeat - no wonder people in close contact with kids are found to have a better imagination and higher creativity!   When I saw this picture, I was perturbed for a minute. Who wants to resemble an... Continue Reading →

Chicago Sports Museum

We went to the Chicago Sports museum a fortnight ago, and despite reservations, we all loved it! First, I'd like to list the reasons why I did not think it would be a blast: Hubs, ToddlerT and I are not very conversant with American sports. I know- sad, but true. So, we were not very... Continue Reading →

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