This week's post is a response to an old Daily Post Prompt. It asks us to digitize or transcribe an old analog piece of our choice. I would  like to transcribe an old poster that I had taped to my study cabinet for inspiration. You had what it took Embraced the Challenge Showed them how... Continue Reading →


Food of Love

Food of Love by Amanda Prowse was my Kindle ebook- that I got to read free with my Prime Membership. Powerful, poignant, heart-wrenching; it was a grippingly realistic read: so much that plenty of times I simply wanted to fling the book away in frustration at the characters. Thankfully, the knowledge that I am reading on a... Continue Reading →

Happy & Sweet!

Diwali- the festival of Lights is here...! Or at least on its way- depending on what Calendar you follow and where you live. But it's that season of the year again for Indians, when we totally binge on sweets and snacks. Woo-hoo! And usually, no one counts calories. Everyone shares sweets and good wishes and dresses... Continue Reading →

India, Weddings and More…- Part 1

I have been away from blogging for more than a month. The reasons are the same as the title of this post. Instead of excuses or lengthy monologues on what we did, below are photos of all the fun stuff we did!                                  

(Not) About Me – 2015

I had written in previous post that I will be sharing reasons why I did not change my About Me page in 2015. So, here are my reasons for not having a new revamped About Me Page in 2015: The year had a rocky start. In fact, I wrote a post just to feel better in... Continue Reading →

2015- Recap

In today's post, I take stock of the year from different angles. Commitment to Resolutions I added a list of resolutions at the beginning of the year with my mantra being 'Just Do It!' I am happy to note that I have tried to be open about embracing new challenges. While not always successful or... Continue Reading →


below is a picture of the little one more than a year back. How quickly time flies! Even if the days do drag sometimes and everything seems to be going horribly awry. That is why I love photos and blog posts. They help us recollect all those little moments of great joy. Here goes a... Continue Reading →

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