Gingerbread Day

Today was the last day of school for T before her winter vacations. Happily today was also the day when the kids and parents got together to celebrate Gingerbread Day! Yayy! Below are few pictures of our efforts and also my not-so-helpful observations: It was fascinating to see how kids imagined houses, complete with driveways, doors and... Continue Reading →


Pains and Gains

Response to the Daily Post Prompt for today:Pains and GainsDo you agree with Jane Fonda’s favorite exercise motto, “no pain, no gain?” Is it impossible to attain greatness without considerable hardship? My response to the above would be :YES! A resounding yes actually. I watched a video recently on TED Talks about Success and the attributes necessary to achieve... Continue Reading →

On Writing…

Today's post is an exercise in writing- to continuously write for fifteen whole minutes. So, here I am trying to pen my thoughts on a most unoriginal topic - WRITING. I like writing. Correction, I love writing. I like writing in lists even better. Letters are my favorite form of writing. Of course, my blog... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 6

Temperatures are dropping really low. The weather is dull and gray. It's dismal and gloomy. What does one do at such times? For the Hubby and me , mostly it's a trip to the mall. Some window shopping, some admiring and droolingW, a hot coffee, lots of talking, and dinner at a restaurant. Movies are... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Blogging

  A post about sounds. That sounds interesting, I thought. And then it struck me. I think in terms of sounds. I find silence awkward and depressing. Stress relief for me is a chat with Dear Mom or a foot tapping song or  an hour at the beach- listening to the waves crashing and the... Continue Reading →

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