Book Review : Motherhood Is A …

I finished reading 'Motherhood Is a Beach B#tch' ┬áby Lyss Stern last week. Amusing, empowering, sarcastic yet helpful; this is a great book for all Mommies, harried or otherwise. And before the 'B#tch' word turns you off: it's an ACRONYM!!!! The entire premise of the book, is that the B-word should stand for 'Being In... Continue Reading →


Lessons from Baby

Here are few lessons I learnt as a brand new 2 month old Mom Every day teaches us something new. Be prepared to learn and unlearn! Only newbie parents obsess over Baby's poop. It does NOT make for scintillating conversation. So, seriously, stick to other subjects. Babies are small. But they sure rule the roost.... Continue Reading →

Kutty Chutties

Children make for very good viewing. Especially when they are being themselves. So set the stage with four randomly picked kids. Pose everyday questions. Ensure an encouraging audience. Keep a cheerful ambience. Result: Rib tickling laughter. Lots of fun. Delightful answers. Some surprising home truths. And an unfiltered view of the world as it appears... Continue Reading →

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