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 Who says healthy soups are boring? Inspired to cook! 


Book Review : Motherhood Is A …

I finished reading 'Motherhood Is a Beach B#tch'  by Lyss Stern last week. Amusing, empowering, sarcastic yet helpful; this is a great book for all Mommies, harried or otherwise. And before the 'B#tch' word turns you off: it's an ACRONYM!!!! The entire premise of the book, is that the B-word should stand for 'Being In... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review

This week is just racing away. What with gearing up for Valentine's Day at school, gloating over T's birthday and Valentine gifts, and T being sick last night and tired ever since- it seems like the days are just whirring away ! And as I have to attend 'cranial blazes of the little ones' [one... Continue Reading →

February – Fitness

I began the Happiness Project only in March but what a joy it was to lay my hands on it and devour it whole. You see, the idea of taking concrete steps to improve and appreciate my life began in February. I was happy but I felt that I was not appreciating life as much... Continue Reading →

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