Power of Intimate Attention

A picture is worth a thousand words! So, here goes: As you can imagine: when I got this book in the mail, I was thrilled beyond words! I showed it off to everyone I knew and texted the pic to all my friends and family.  In fact, if it weren't for our recent move, this... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompt- Baby

I love reading posts on the Daily Post at WordPress. They carry a huge treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. My thoughts just poured looking at today's prompt- so, here goes: BABY T will always be my Baby. No matter what! I miss that T's baby face is well and truly gone. She lost her babyishness... Continue Reading →

The Nine Rooms of Happiness

Book Review: The Nine Rooms of Happiness- Lucy Danziger & Dr. Catherine Birndorf "Life and all the various roles we, women play, explained in terms of the different rooms in a house". 'Interesting!', I thought as I grabbed the book. Skimming through  (I dislike books that turn boring between the introduction and climax) I found... Continue Reading →

Self Help

Self help is the best help. But all of us need some prodding, a little inspiration, few words of motivation, basically- a bit of external stimuli, from time to time. As a book lover and a person trying to constantly improve (and not always moi, may it be noted), I am ever on the look out for some... Continue Reading →

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