2017 Review: Stats & Insights

Data and Analytics are trending buzzwords today. I should know, I am a freelancing one myself. One of the advantages of having a WordPress blog is that you get to view your site statistics in one place. What better way to kick off another year of blogging than learning from the performance of the past... Continue Reading →


About Me 2017

Every year I update my "About Me" and re-post the content of the previousĀ one. It's a nice way to look back at my writing, life, goals and voice and look forward to the New Year. Plus, it's a brilliant hack to add a post with minimal effort. There is effort involved obviously in updating the... Continue Reading →

Holidays & Other Thoughts

In this post, I list my thoughts on the winter holidays: Winter means cold! Brrr! In fact, Chicago was colder than Mars yesterday! šŸ˜³ Winter also means time for loads of Baking. This year I am excited because T has grasped the concept of being slow and deliberate while measuring and pouring ingredients. So, lots... Continue Reading →

2015- Recap

In today's post, I take stock of the year from different angles. Commitment to Resolutions I added a list of resolutions at the beginning of the year with my mantra being 'Just Do It!' I am happy to note that I have tried to be open about embracing new challenges. While not always successful or... Continue Reading →

2015 Mantra

It is time to let out the mantra for 2015. As usual, I analysed what I hoped to get out of the year, my goals, ambitions, existing plans. Then I looked at my interests and inclinations and most importantly, responsibilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. And throughout the entire exercise, I got the recurring... Continue Reading →

Books, Books Everywhere

These past days I've been reading till my eyes hurt. In the nice, happy kind of way. Like how eyes feel a little puffy and eyelashes heavy and damp after a long, bout of heartfelt laughter. Yup, the same way. Thanks to some amazing books from our local library [Mom and I actually brought back... Continue Reading →

The Year in Fast Forward

The year is almost up and it is time to take stock of the year. Let me begin with my resolutions for this post. Here is what I listed when 2013 had just blossomed: Read 12 books in the year.Ā Done. Stay happy. As in, be cheerful. Be optimistic. See the silver lining in every cloud.... Continue Reading →

New Year Resolutions

The new year is here and I haveĀ finalizedĀ my resolutions for this year. It does feel a little alarming to be posting it in full public view in writing, where I simply cannot deny or backtrack; but hey, let's live on the edge. Listed below are my resolutions: Read 12 books in the year. Stay happy.... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 7

Today's post is a list of random observations. Here it goes: I like lists. Any list will do. And I just love writing down lists. Needless to say, that's the inspiration for this post too. My Mom is more adventurous than me. Weather is deceptive in Chicago. The sun was shining merrily, necessitating the use... Continue Reading →

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