Duplo and Imagination

I love Duplo because they foster so much creativity and imagination.  T made this adorable stage and a full blown story where the little figurines have a school program, complete with parents taking pictures. While not evident, some blocks are steps to the stage which is why there is no fourth pillar! I also loved... Continue Reading →


Winter Play Activity Book 

Winter vacation has begun for T today and as soon as the clock struck 9, I wondered  how best to keep her engaged. Enter the Choice Activity book. T loves coloring. So , we both colored on these little pages from a Dollar tree notepad. While she made her favorite items, I drew thirty activities... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons to Visit Libraries

This post could well be titled '7 Ways to use Libraries' or '7 Ways to Entertain your Kids for free!'  We all know that libraries are amazing and useful. They're also free (like in the United States) or nominal (India). But do we actually use them to the fullest? Sadly no. I am writing this... Continue Reading →

Cubs, Dinosaurs and More

The Cubs won!! Go Cubs Go!! It feels like even the weather Gods are celebrating with such amazing, sunny days! And while, I am not much into sports, the cheer and energy of all the ecstatic fans are infectious!  With Monday's Halloween and a week full of working overtime to prevent an overdose of sugar... Continue Reading →

India, Weddings and More…- Part 1

I have been away from blogging for more than a month. The reasons are the same as the title of this post. Instead of excuses or lengthy monologues on what we did, below are photos of all the fun stuff we did!                                  

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