Yummy Italian at Olive Garden

We recently went to Olive Garden and had such a fabulous meal that this work'a post is all the pictures of our delicious dinner.  While we are vegetarians, the food was scrumptious and the menu varied.  An appetizing Strawberry Passion fruit non-alcoholic  drink.    My minestrone soup and Hubby's fresh salad  - that I helped myself to... Continue Reading →


Sweet T’s – Delicious Delight!

We recently went to this amazing boutique cake and cupcake place called Sweet T's Bakery Cake studio in Arlington Heights, Illinois.    Pretty decor that might grab your attention....   But not for too long!   With cute posters, charming tables to eat in for those in a hurry... to devour the sweet delights; this is... Continue Reading →

Travel and Exposure

Traveling is such a great source of exposure: to language, to communication, culture, food, attire, ideologies. It also exposes us: our thoughts, our perspectives, our cultures, backgrounds, mindsets and even weaknesses and quirks. In this post, I'd like to share in brief, the top five things that I got exposed to by traveling and staying... Continue Reading →

Holidays & Other Thoughts

In this post, I list my thoughts on the winter holidays: Winter means cold! Brrr! In fact, Chicago was colder than Mars yesterday! 😳 Winter also means time for loads of Baking. This year I am excited because T has grasped the concept of being slow and deliberate while measuring and pouring ingredients. So, lots... Continue Reading →

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