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Travel and Exposure

Traveling is such a great source of exposure: to language, to communication, culture, food, attire, ideologies. It also exposes us: our thoughts, our perspectives, our cultures, backgrounds, mindsets and even weaknesses and quirks. In this post, I'd like to share in brief, the top five things that I got exposed to by traveling and staying... Continue Reading →

Holidays & Other Thoughts

In this post, I list my thoughts on the winter holidays: Winter means cold! Brrr! In fact, Chicago was colder than Mars yesterday! 😳 Winter also means time for loads of Baking. This year I am excited because T has grasped the concept of being slow and deliberate while measuring and pouring ingredients. So, lots... Continue Reading →

Food of Love

Food of Love by Amanda Prowse was my Kindle ebook- that I got to read free with my Prime Membership. Powerful, poignant, heart-wrenching; it was a grippingly realistic read: so much that plenty of times I simply wanted to fling the book away in frustration at the characters. Thankfully, the knowledge that I am reading on a... Continue Reading →

Happy & Sweet!

Diwali- the festival of Lights is here...! Or at least on its way- depending on what Calendar you follow and where you live. But it's that season of the year again for Indians, when we totally binge on sweets and snacks. Woo-hoo! And usually, no one counts calories. Everyone shares sweets and good wishes and dresses... Continue Reading →


So sorry I missed posting last week. But I was simply having a fantastic time that my posting day came and went in a flash!  So, here is a run- down of what I had been up to: Sis was here. So, ToddlerT, Sis and me had a girly time together! Hurrah! We visited Navy... Continue Reading →

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