Chicago on Foot

We have been having gorgeous weather in Chicago recently. (Touch wood!) With an outdoorsy preschooler and travel- inclined family, it was no wonder that we set of to explore downtown Chicago- on foot.  The gorgeous miles of walkways and boardwalk along Navy pier means picturesque pathways, majestic views, and fun way for mild exercise.  For... Continue Reading →



Rising temperatures & Rising Scales

I am home in India right now and enjoying a sweltering Indian summer. But as the temperatures slowly start to dip, the one thing that is still on a steady rise is my weight. Yikes!¬†With all the calories and pounds I am packing in, I am envisage an autumn full of me and gym equipment.... Continue Reading →

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

It's been a long time since I posted a list of anything. So here goes a list of ten things that make me happy, no matter what! (In no order of importance) ToddlerT saying 'I Love You Mommy' and hugging me Ice cream, especially two scoops of different flavors with chocolate syrup on them Splashing... Continue Reading →

February – Fitness

I began the Happiness Project only in March but what a joy it was to lay my hands on it and devour it whole. You see, the idea of taking concrete steps to improve and appreciate my life began in February. I was happy but I felt that I was not appreciating life as much... Continue Reading →

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