Chicago on Foot

We have been having gorgeous weather in Chicago recently. (Touch wood!) With an outdoorsy preschooler and travel- inclined family, it was no wonder that we set of to explore downtown Chicago- on foot.  The gorgeous miles of walkways and boardwalk along Navy pier means picturesque pathways, majestic views, and fun way for mild exercise.  For... Continue Reading →


Book Reading- Lessons for Mommy

'Children are made readers on the laps of their parents' - Emilie Buchwald I believe in the above statement as I am an avid reader trying to pass on the reading habit to ToddlerT.  Hubby and I love reading to ToddlerT and taking her to the library and getting her to discover the joys of books,... Continue Reading →

Exercising- day 3

Exercising at home. Yes, I am trying to do it. The word 'trying' being of great significance. Because trying to improve my fitness levels is trying my mind and body (the latter in greater degree). Plus, the word is also a better description for attempting this activity with a toddler that is awake. I have... Continue Reading →

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