Sweet Little Lies

I a going to hit the Big 3 in a couple of years... OMG... just writing that makes me feel old. I feel worse when the little voice in my mind corrects me, tauntingly saying 'actually, that happens in precisely a year and a half'. Ouch. Little lies. They make us happier. Right? How about... Continue Reading →



Hmm.. a weekly challenge that is right up my street. A list of things- I love lists! A countdown list - even better. If it were not for the fact that I do not know what I will be writing about. And then creativity strikes- a countdown list of things I learned this year. I ma... Continue Reading →

DP Writing Challenge – Flash Talk

Hello everyone. I'm Nirupama and I have four minutes to tell you about my life. Four WHOLE minutes. Until I turned fifteen, that would have been some painfully, agonisingly long a hundred and twenty seconds of my life. I would have received countless and mostly useless advice for not freezing up on stage or in front... Continue Reading →


This week's Writing Challenge prompt is Lists! Wow! I love lists and keep plenty - for grocery and shopping, to keep track of to-do items, to remember things to take on trips and so on. So, here is a list I like best of all - random facts about me. Random lists are my favorite. I love... Continue Reading →

Writing Challenge- Embraced Change

This week's Writing Challenge is to write a poem. This is my attempt at an acrostic and a prose poem. I've also tried to make this a sonnet. Why? Because it sounds beautiful and well, I like sonnets. And more realistically, that is the extent of the number of rhyming lines I can possibly make. And oh, like most of... Continue Reading →

Veg Jalfraize and Me!

A recipe about me. Ah... I know the perfect analogy- Veg Jalfraize. It' strictly vegetarian, not very spicy though it can sometimes get HOT! And it is always colorful and bright, like my attire and accessories. Disclaimer: I am horrible at measurement, and that is why I never excelled at sports. So, I am leaving... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily – Day 5

What I learnt from NaNoWriMo! That is my post for today. At the outset, let me clarify a few things. I did not finish the challenge. My novel is just a bunch of random chapters, incoherent characters, and so on. These are lessons for me and perhaps will not be useful to anybody else. Unless... Continue Reading →

Writing Daily- day 1

Writing everyday is tough. So, am glad when the week will be up. (shows my enthusiasm level, doesn't it? I have not even started and am looking forward to when it will be over) Well, never mind. For today's post, I am listing things I am eagerly awaiting this week. Hubbyji's Fruit and Nut cake.... Continue Reading →

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