Toothbrush: Motherhood, Decisions, Diet, Science and More!

This post is a response to the prompt on Daily Prompt: Toothbrush Since I love posting in lists, here are my thoughts in orderly fashion, though, not in any order of importance: My toothbrush is blue. I don't really have any preference as regards color. Dearest Daughter has plenty of preferences though. It has to be... Continue Reading →


Food of Love

Food of Love by Amanda Prowse was my Kindle ebook- that I got to read free with my Prime Membership. Powerful, poignant, heart-wrenching; it was a grippingly realistic read: so much that plenty of times I simply wanted to fling the book away in frustration at the characters. Thankfully, the knowledge that I am reading on a... Continue Reading →


This post is a response to the prompt at Daily Post. As a mom and writer, my life seems to be full of decisions, big and small; leading me to constantly ponder- this or that? Listed below are a few examples in no specific order: Write a blog post (however slowly and finish) OR finish reading that... Continue Reading →

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