This week's post is a response to an old Daily Post Prompt. It asks us to digitize or transcribe an old analog piece of our choice. I would  like to transcribe an old poster that I had taped to my study cabinet for inspiration. You had what it took Embraced the Challenge Showed them how... Continue Reading →


Daily Prompt- Baby

I love reading posts on the Daily Post at WordPress. They carry a huge treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. My thoughts just poured looking at today's prompt- so, here goes: BABY T will always be my Baby. No matter what! I miss that T's baby face is well and truly gone. She lost her babyishness... Continue Reading →

2016 Blogging Review

This week's post is a review of my review of blogging in 2016. After careful scrutiny and studying the insights provided by WordPress' awesome dashboard; here is what I learnt! My About Me is my top performing page. To be honest, the most viewed one IS my Home Page, but as per unique views, About Me trumps the rest.... Continue Reading →

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