10 Reasons to Take Kids to Museums

Today's blog post is inspired by my¬†answer on Quora about why people take young kids to Museums. This post is about why we should take kids to all kinds of museums: science, arts, natural history, industry and so on. The benefits for kids and grown ups are many, and not just limited to the actual... Continue Reading →


Travel and Exposure

Traveling is such a great source of exposure: to language, to communication, culture, food, attire, ideologies. It also exposes us: our thoughts, our perspectives, our cultures, backgrounds, mindsets and even weaknesses and quirks. In this post, I'd like to share in brief, the top five things that I got exposed to by traveling and staying... Continue Reading →

Veg Jalfraize and Me!

A recipe about me. Ah... I know the perfect analogy- Veg Jalfraize. It' strictly vegetarian, not very spicy though it can sometimes get HOT! And it is always colorful and bright, like my attire and accessories. Disclaimer: I am horrible at measurement, and that is why I never excelled at sports. So, I am leaving... Continue Reading →

A Manner of Speaking

It's 11 in the evening and I about to night marofy. The little one has just woken up from sleep, refreshed and bright eyed, ready to rock and roll. The same cannot be said of her bechari Mummy and darling Dimma. Welcome to motherhood and grandmotherhood. I was planning to write a super duper post... Continue Reading →

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