Lego Duplo Fun & Imagineering 

  This week's post is all about Lego Duplo creations.  T had her fifth birthday last week, so she got to pick out a present. Of course, she chose Lego Duplo: the Family Fun Fair.  Her choice stemmed from simple reasons: She LOVES Legos The box was huge It had four figurines to play and make... Continue Reading →


Winter Play Activity Book 

Winter vacation has begun for T today and as soon as the clock struck 9, I wondered  how best to keep her engaged. Enter the Choice Activity book. T loves coloring. So , we both colored on these little pages from a Dollar tree notepad. While she made her favorite items, I drew thirty activities... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons to Visit Libraries

This post could well be titled '7 Ways to use Libraries' or '7 Ways to Entertain your Kids for free!'  We all know that libraries are amazing and useful. They're also free (like in the United States) or nominal (India). But do we actually use them to the fullest? Sadly no. I am writing this... Continue Reading →

  Pumpkins decorated as famous characters from Children's books at the local library. How many can you guess?

Stats & Insights

In todays' post, I thought it would be fun to compare what my blog stats for 2017 and the month of August. I love seeing the metrics (thank you readers for all the love, likes and comments) on my dashboard and the insights I can glean [or make up! :P]. My all time Views: An... Continue Reading →

Doll House -Furniture Updates

Our doll house got a new dining set and clothes shelf courtesy a DIY wooden assembly set from T's enthusiastic grand parents!     Another no glue-no mess set!👏  Needless to say, we finished building and started our pretend party too! Since, grandpa and grandma had also provided sleepover party themed stickers and veggie stickers, the... Continue Reading →

Holidays and DIY projects    

This week marks the second week of holidays. With ample time and no deadlines, we had a fun time trying out all sorts of messy and DIY projects. Below are pics of our projects. Some ground rules were: (self imposed and more like restrictions, since rules seldom work!) No special supplies or purchases Needs to... Continue Reading →

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