Holidays and DIY projects    

This week marks the second week of holidays. With ample time and no deadlines, we had a fun time trying out all sorts of messy and DIY projects. Below are pics of our projects. Some ground rules were: (self imposed and more like restrictions, since rules seldom work!) No special supplies or purchases Needs to... Continue Reading →


Gingerbread Day

Today was the last day of school for T before her winter vacations. Happily today was also the day when the kids and parents got together to celebrate Gingerbread Day! Yayy! Below are few pictures of our efforts and also my not-so-helpful observations: It was fascinating to see how kids imagined houses, complete with driveways, doors and... Continue Reading →

Cubs, Dinosaurs and More

The Cubs won!! Go Cubs Go!! It feels like even the weather Gods are celebrating with such amazing, sunny days! And while, I am not much into sports, the cheer and energy of all the ecstatic fans are infectious!  With Monday's Halloween and a week full of working overtime to prevent an overdose of sugar... Continue Reading →


I am in the process of sorting all of ToddlerT's crafts and sending photos. Naturally, my storage for photos got full. So, of course I had to abandon the sorting to cleaning my folder of photos. And by natural progression, I totally wasted time ooh-ing and aah-ing over the li'l one's many photos. While I... Continue Reading →

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