Mirror Image

Today's post is an exercise of sorts- ten minutes of writing. And what am I writing about? TOday I take a potshot at the woman in the mirror. So, here is a list after an objective reflection of the flaws and features of the person who looks back at me- the Good, Bad and the... Continue Reading →


2013- A Recap

Here's a recap of all the wonderful things that happened this year. Hoping to have an even better, happier, healthier, joyous year and wishing all those reading this post the very same! BabyT is born. We were blessed with an adorable baby girl. Hubby's sis got married. So, we gained a brother and got to... Continue Reading →

The Week that Was

Yet another post on all the great things that happened this week. Baby had her third set of vaccinations and BCG. She was an angel through all of it. It rained here. So, the weather is much better now. Baby laughed her first proper consecutive laughs. Isn't that awesome? She has chuckled only twice before... Continue Reading →

Truth of Life- via Keychain

Pink rubbery plastic outer shell. With a cute Tweety printed on it. Dimensions an inch by an inch. Thickness of a centimeter. It was a miniature diary keychain. The pages were ruled, colored pages in shades of pearl pink. It was, now that I think over it, outlandish, outrageously bold in color, and perhaps a... Continue Reading →

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