Winter Wandering

This week's post is a round up of some of the winter activities we have been up to now that Icy Blasts have arrived in Chicago.    Visit Northbrook Court:  This mall is beautiful, not very crowded and has lovely spaces. Photo-ops for Insta and FB are amazing. Plus, it's enclosed and cozy.    For... Continue Reading →


Night time at Chicago 

We recently went to Downtown Chicago and here are the photos from our delightful night of gazing at the lights and the sights.  Brilliant buildings and Resplendent River:    Gorgeous Views:    Walking along :    Lights and Sights:  I loved the glimmering lights and so did T. In fact, she named all the buildings as... Continue Reading →

Chicago on Foot

We have been having gorgeous weather in Chicago recently. (Touch wood!) With an outdoorsy preschooler and travel- inclined family, it was no wonder that we set of to explore downtown Chicago- on foot.  The gorgeous miles of walkways and boardwalk along Navy pier means picturesque pathways, majestic views, and fun way for mild exercise.  For... Continue Reading →

Botanical Gardens of Chicago

This post is a gallery of photos from our visit to the Botanical Gardens last week. With spring in full swing and temperatures rising slowly, it's the perfect time to enjoy nature and beauty!  Here are some memorable photos:  A welcoming Entrance:    Scenic views as we enter:    Gorgeous Tulips in full bloom:   ... Continue Reading →

Chicago Sports Museum

We went to the Chicago Sports museum a fortnight ago, and despite reservations, we all loved it! First, I'd like to list the reasons why I did not think it would be a blast: Hubs, ToddlerT and I are not very conversant with American sports. I know- sad, but true. So, we were not very... Continue Reading →

To Chicago, With Love

This post is about all the things that I love about Chicago and USA in general. As promised, here is the post I have been talking about, in no order of importance: Cold stone Creamery - the way the ice cream is prepared is just one degree short of the goodness of the ice cream itself.... Continue Reading →

How I select my Library Books

Books, list, me/my choices. Three of my favorite things. Toss them together and you get the list of type of books I select whenever I go to the library. Comfort Book - This is always a book by one of my favorite Authors. It's one that I've already read but never mind reading again. A book for... Continue Reading →

Things I Miss in Chicago

Ok, this post is not a rant about the city. I love Chicago, esp since I stay in the suburbs. In fact, it is going to inspire my next post. After all, I began my happily married life here, had Baby T here. This is just a random list inspired by my visit back home.... Continue Reading →

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