Book Review: Customer Centricity

I recently finished the audiobook Customer Centricity by Peter Fader. This post is a review of the same. Review Summary: This book was mostly good and a little disappointing for varying reasons. Good: I picked this book because I enjoyed the author Professor Fader's MOOC on marketing immensely. The book is very interesting. If you... Continue Reading →



February is almost over and I have barely made a dent in my reading..! So, I thought I'd share my current reading in this post.    The book is available via our library's digital offerings. 

Winter Play Activity Book 

Winter vacation has begun for T today and as soon as the clock struck 9, I wondered  how best to keep her engaged. Enter the Choice Activity book. T loves coloring. So , we both colored on these little pages from a Dollar tree notepad. While she made her favorite items, I drew thirty activities... Continue Reading →

168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam

This post is a review of Laura Vanderkam's bestselling book - "168 Hours: You Have More Time than You Think". Overview This is a book on time management. But if there is one point that encapsulates its usefulness and practicality, then it has to be the tagline itself. The idea that we should to view... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons to Visit Libraries

This post could well be titled '7 Ways to use Libraries' or '7 Ways to Entertain your Kids for free!'  We all know that libraries are amazing and useful. They're also free (like in the United States) or nominal (India). But do we actually use them to the fullest? Sadly no. I am writing this... Continue Reading →

The Four Tendencies- Book Review

This week's post is a review of Gretchen Rubin's recent book "The Four Tendencies". Primarily an analysis of personality types, the author of "The Happiness Project" shares insights into how our tendencies shape our habits and behavior. With anecdotes and examples, she shares how understanding tendencies: ours and others' can help us interact better, playing... Continue Reading →

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