Blogger or Writer? Both! 

Does this picture seem familiar?    The start of every post on WordPress- this powerful phrase: "Start your story" compels me to write; along with the confidence that YOU, my readers and fellow bloggers inspire in me.  Blogging and motherhood have both made me face many fears and challenges head on. While not always successful,... Continue Reading →


The Einstein Prophecy- Book Review

I'm not really into dark fantasies but this book was awesome. (And free due to my Amazon Prime Membership. He he he!) It is intense, thrilling, chilling, gripping and very edge-of-the-seat. I dislike comparing books to movies (though not the reverse). I am usually the person saying 'The book was better'. But this book puts... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt

Your home is on fire. Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe). What did you grab? My answer to this question would be : the dear iPhone- can't do without it The book I'm currently reading: The Twentieth Wife My beautiful bracelet watch: an Engagement gift from the Hubby the cute little... Continue Reading →

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