Blog Anniversary- Thank you!

6 years ago on this day, I joined WordPress! So, today is a Blog Anniversary! Yay!!! I'd like to thank all my readers for following along and inspiring me to stay committed to writing. THANK YOU so very much!! Your Follows, Likes and Comments have kept me going, through good and bad, busy times and... Continue Reading →


2017 Review: Stats & Insights

Data and Analytics are trending buzzwords today. I should know, I am a freelancing one myself. One of the advantages of having a WordPress blog is that you get to view your site statistics in one place. What better way to kick off another year of blogging than learning from the performance of the past... Continue Reading →

About Me 2017

Every year I update my "About Me" and re-post the content of the previous one. It's a nice way to look back at my writing, life, goals and voice and look forward to the New Year. Plus, it's a brilliant hack to add a post with minimal effort. There is effort involved obviously in updating the... Continue Reading →

Spare Moments & Saving Time

One of the interesting concepts I learned from Laura Vanderkam’s books : "168 Hours" and "I Know How She Does It" is - the concept of ‘time confetti’. Coined by Brigid Schulte, author of ‘Overwhelmed: Work, Love, And Play When No One Has The Time’, she explains the idea of “time confetti” – a fragmentation... Continue Reading →

SAHM to Recognized Expert

My go-to author on personal branding and networking is definitely Dorie Clark. I loved her books Stand Out, Reinventing You and can't wait to read her latest- Entrepreneurial You! As her avid fan and a subscriber to her newsletter, I am constantly inspired by the wealth of information and techniques she shares to take charge... Continue Reading →

Stats & Insights

In todays' post, I thought it would be fun to compare what my blog stats for 2017 and the month of August. I love seeing the metrics (thank you readers for all the love, likes and comments) on my dashboard and the insights I can glean [or make up! :P]. My all time Views: An... Continue Reading →

Blogger or Writer? Both! 

Does this picture seem familiar?    The start of every post on WordPress- this powerful phrase: "Start your story" compels me to write; along with the confidence that YOU, my readers and fellow bloggers inspire in me.  Blogging and motherhood have both made me face many fears and challenges head on. While not always successful,... Continue Reading →

Text Me! Snap Me! Ask Me Anything! – Kevin Kruse : Book Review

Earlier this year, I got a chance to read Kevin Kruse's latest book entitled: Text Me! Snap Me! Ask Me Anything!: How Entrepreneurs, Consultants And Artists Can Use The Power Of Intimate Attention To Build Their Brand, Grow Their Business And Change The World . I found the book a splendid read with plenty of great techniques for personal branding. I... Continue Reading →

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