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Longwood Gardens- Floral Delight

During our latest three week long vacation, we spent yet another delightful evening in Longwood Gardens, Delaware. As in our previous visits, we were enchanted by the gorgeous blooms, floral arrangements and recently updated Dancing fountains. This post contains photos from our memorable visit:  One of the first sights to greet visitors are the lush,... Continue Reading →

Way to go….!

Going through my collection of photos, I realized I like taking photos of ways, paths, entrances. In this post, I show my fascination for picturesque pathways and roads. Enjoy the weekend!

Mirror Image

Today's post is an exercise of sorts- ten minutes of writing. And what am I writing about? TOday I take a potshot at the woman in the mirror. So, here is a list after an objective reflection of the flaws and features of the person who looks back at me- the Good, Bad and the... Continue Reading →

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