Daily Prompt- Baby

I love reading posts on the Daily Post at WordPress. They carry a huge treasure trove of knowledge and inspiration. My thoughts just poured looking at today's prompt- so, here goes: BABY T will always be my Baby. No matter what! I miss that T's baby face is well and truly gone. She lost her babyishness... Continue Reading →


Happy B’day Toddler T

ToddlerT turns three today! Happy Birthday Baby! Well, Little Girl actually. You're no longer a baby. Turning Three means : Talking Threes are here. They appeared around Christmas and are now so pronounced, even my Mommy blind love cannot ignore it. No more Babyishness. My friend with a child six months older warned me about it.... Continue Reading →

Yippee! It’s A Girl!

Almost three years ago, God blessed Hubby and me with a beautiful little cherub, our own bundle of sugar and spice- Baby T! As she stands at the threshold of turning three, I'd like to share all the wonderful joys of having a Baby Girl! (Kids of all genders and orientation are special, but today's post... Continue Reading →


below is a picture of the little one more than a year back. How quickly time flies! Even if the days do drag sometimes and everything seems to be going horribly awry. That is why I love photos and blog posts. They help us recollect all those little moments of great joy. Here goes a... Continue Reading →

To Chicago, With Love

This post is about all the things that I love about Chicago and USA in general. As promised, here is the post I have been talking about, in no order of importance: Cold stone Creamery - the way the ice cream is prepared is just one degree short of the goodness of the ice cream itself.... Continue Reading →

A Happy New Year – to me!!

Happy New Year everyone! But most of all, I would like to wish myself a very happy new year!! My grandmother passed away on 31st morning! Despite the fact that she was 95+, frail and bedridden for over two years, AND recently hospitalized, it is still a shock. That was the third demise in this... Continue Reading →


Hmm.. a weekly challenge that is right up my street. A list of things- I love lists! A countdown list - even better. If it were not for the fact that I do not know what I will be writing about. And then creativity strikes- a countdown list of things I learned this year. I ma... Continue Reading →

How I select my Library Books

Books, list, me/my choices. Three of my favorite things. Toss them together and you get the list of type of books I select whenever I go to the library. Comfort Book - This is always a book by one of my favorite Authors. It's one that I've already read but never mind reading again. A book for... Continue Reading →

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